Standing out from the crowd: what makes a notable transcript

Our L-net Quality Team session for the Oregon Virtual Reference Summit  Friday is Standing out from the crowd: what makes a notable transcript. Barbara O’Neill from Washington County Cooperative Library Services, Emily Papagni from Multnomah County Library, and I will report on the rubric we use for selecting notable transcripts.  I expect it to be a fun session because participants will have the opportunity to conduct their own transcript evaluations using the rubric. It makes for good conversation! For the small group exercise, Barbara, Emily and I selected transcripts that illustrate (either positively or negatively) elements of the rubric that we want to highlight. 

The criteria we look for on the rubric can be used to improve chat sessions- but it can also be used to improve face-to-face reference and reference instruction in library school curriculum. The criteria we examine isn’t new, but the process of reviewing reference transcripts against the criteria gives librarians and library students another avenue for dissecting and learning about the reference encounter regardless of the venue in which it takes place. 


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