note about the Cooperative Library Instruction Project

I’ll post updates about the Cooperative Library Instruction Project as it develops. I hope your input will shape the vision and realization of this project! Below is the project overview from the handout I distributed at the fall OWEAC meeting in Bend. Although it has only been a short time since we met, my concept of this project has morphed and I think changing vision will be the norm for awhile. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and will put out a more formal call for ideas soon. ~Michele

Cooperative Information Literacy Project

Goal: Create a collection of information literacy tutorials that may be shared by Orbis Cascade Alliance institutions and eventually non-Alliance members.

Funding: The LSTA grant proposal has been selected for funding pending board approval, which happens sometime in October. The board has never rejected a proposal that has been recommended for approval, so the Project Team is moving forward with initial implementation work.

Project Team: Liaisons from four Oregon Cascade Alliance member institutions (Chemeketa Community College, Western Oregon University, Oregon State University, and Willamette University) plus a Project Coordinator to be hired pending final approval.

Have Your Say:Which tutorials are most needed? If only ten tutorials are created- which ones should they be? What is not needed? What’s missing that should be considered? What should the Project Team know going into this effort? Who else should be involved? How should we collect, add, and make available tutorials and materials that have already been created?


One response to “note about the Cooperative Library Instruction Project

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Michele! I find this project idea very interesting and timely! Just today we started talking about developing tutorials and similar tools to handle our IL-embedded sessions in a sustainable way in my library.

    The summary above mentions that the primary goal is on having an Alliance-shared set of tutorials, and that this was also shared at the OWEAC meeting…were any comments shared on wider participation?

    For instance, I know the summit IL competencies were developed with a statewide scope, and one of the questions I’ve been thinking about at my institution is: if we create tutorials, will that move our instruction modality out of line with statewide practice? If we’re able to discuss our methods of implementing and assessing the competencies on the same scope that we’re working to create them (statewide), that seems to me like that would lead to some very valuable collaborative conversations and useful revisiting of the IL competencies themselves.

    (Or maybe it would just lead to unrealistically large groups! I tend to like the idea of open conversations/committees of this sort, I suspect, because my school is somewhat geographically distant from the north-valley urban hub.)

    What do you think?

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