IL in the 4-credit writing sequence (from ILAGO list)

I posted the writing outcomes for the 4-credit writing sequence to the OWEAC website. They are on the Resources page at .

Under Information Literacy resources you will see the 4-credit WR 121 and 122 outcomes mapped to the IL proficiencies. I did this mapping to track the changes we put through curriculum committee at Chemeketa. You will see the IL proficiencies listed in the first column with assigned numbers. After each IL proficiency you’ll see alph-numeric characters representing the WR outcome (by column and number) that may cover that proficiency. Similarly the writing outcomes are followed by the IL proficiency number(s) it addresses.  Also noted in the mapped documents are differences between the outcomes recommended by OWEAC and the outcomes Chemeketa put through our curriculum committee in December.

Have any of you done similar mapping exercises you are willing to share?

I am interested in any gaps you identified (IL proficiencies that will be missed or covered with inadequate depth in the 4-credit outcomes). I am also very interested in sharing descriptions of the mastery we expect a student to reach at various levels (e.g., entering/leaving WR 115, 121, 122, (123), 227…etc.).

Any help is appreciated!


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