GetReal blog run by college student Nick Giampietro is intended to:

1.  inspire interest in science and engineering news
2. connect students with practical info on what it means to be an engineer
3. connect students with info on computer science and pre-engineering opportunities
4. keep high school students up-to-date on intriguing engineering-related news

Here’s the sentence that interests me on the blog-
“That’s why you’re here. GetReal is about Engineering as a mindset which can be applied to anything.” Hmm, I want to know more about this engineering mindset! Do we have any overlapping literacy interests here?

Bruce Schafer, Executive Director of , Engineering and Technology Industry Council writes the following:
 The blog focuses on extracurricular programs—including robotics clubs and programs like ORTOP and eCHAMP, current events, and a variety of other engineering and science subjects.   Nick’s posts, like “Xbox accessory ‘Kinect’ is a new fave of white-hat hackers,” are written for students and kept brief, each touching down on a fun contemporary subject and providing links to resources related to it.   Take a look at and encourage your college students to take a look too.   If you have direct or indirect connections to high school students, we’d appreciate your help in getting the word out to them as well.

We’re interested in connecting with more schools and school faculty around the state to help students stay connected with local opportunities. If you have a local story, or knowledge of an science- or engineering-related event that needs some publicity contact Nick.


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