Library and English Programs Assessment Update

The Library Program and English Program are working together to assess shared outcomes. We have several things underway:

  • creating of a tutorial on the ethical use of information (how to incorporate sources without plagiarism…status = in process, next step = meet with Eva to review content enhancements)
  • developing pre and post quiz to go with ethical use tutorial (draft quizzes are prepared in respondus, may be imported into eLearn, still refining questions and methods of collection…status = in process, next steps include reworking questions to match our interest areas and the tutorial content, working with the Hub on obtions for collecting and aggregating quiz data, consider coding questions, long term = create question test bank?)
  • Michele to work with Dororthy on connecting ethical use tutorial and quizzes to program level assessment
  • review of student WR121 final papers to look at proficiency in finding, evaluating, and selecting resources (collecting papers from instructors who participated in the pilot, looking at collected papers against draft rubrics and fine-tuning rubric as needed…status = in process, next steps= Michele and Theresa continue to read essays and tweak rubric, share rubric with Eng Program for input and further revision, share rubric widely with Eng Program including CCN, Online, Part-time)

In the process of testing and tweaking the rubric, Theresa and I are recording our findings and ‘Aha!’ moments regarding student work, gaps, needs, and our instruction. The process is enlightening and we have already noted areas where we can adjust library instruction to help students (particularly in the area of evaluation and discussing bias).  Necessary to spend time just reading to get oriented to the student writing population and get a feel for normal as opposed to an extreme on either end of a proficiency continuum.


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