OWEAC Mtg May 2011, U of O

(massively abbreviated notes from spring OWEAC meeting at UO)

Introductions and updates

  • Various efforts to recruit international students (some concern about lack of infrastructure to support these student groups)
  • WR 121 gate keeping class
  • New Dev Ed Director at Umpqua interested in a Writing Center
  • Linn Benton looking at integrating research and looking at the writing program as providing a service to other depts

Assessment comments

  • UO getting great feedback on program assessment
  • PCC looking for person to work across campuses on assessment
  • Recommendation from Eva that OWEAC form assessment subcommittee to compile info around what institutions are doing around assessment (Michele, Siskanna, Eva, Jillanne, Nancy = assessment committee)
  • Lane is moving forward with assessment- collecting artifacts and will start looking at them next fall
  • Comment that final student papers sometimes show less proficiency than earlie papers because student is trying to do something more sophisticated than they did at the beginning…consider- how do  Outcomes reduce complexity 

Grad Programs

  • Recommendation that 4-year schools add tech writing to curriculum
  • Recommendation that MFA students take rhetoric and comp theory to be competetive for teaching positions
  • Also need people graduates who can teach ESL
  • Also need people graduates who can teach online
  • OSU looking at reviving their MS in scientific and technical communication. One course might be 519 – training people to teach technical writing…also adding many technical science masters grads who need work. Sara also mentions their classes on how to teach online. At OSU, there is no more english department, they are now the department of writing, literature, and film
  • “mind your ethos” comment 

WR 115 Description…an introduction to academic inquiry with the assumption that academic inquirey means putting students in conversation with scholarly sources. WR 115 solves different issues/problems for different schools; it needs to remain college level/credit and schools need the autonomy to use it for different things.

Citation Project– Rebecca Moore Howard’s research looked at 167 wr123 papers and categorized the in-text citations into 4 categories (no quotation marks, quotation, paraphrase, summary…summary is the best).  graph and berkenstien book because it discusses why they might want to understand something thoroughly because they might want to participate in the conversation more completely).

Summer Institute: Kate and Nancy keep touching base about the professional development summer workshop idea

Lunch (Michele almost gets run over by skateboarder while gawking at college life…sunbathing in May?…falafel at Caspian with with Jen and Jillanne…narrowly avoid getting hit by another skateboarder- are they drawn to my cardigan and sensible shoes?…walk through graveyard with Jen and Caroline)

JBAC meeting report 

  • ATLAS (articulation and transfer program that would allow students a seamless way to transfer between different institutions)
  •  Talked about ASOT business and alignment with AAOT
  • JBAC going for a Lumina grant at Lane (privately funded, interested in degree completion). Corporate partnering with AACNU so EOU was a beta …Lumina foundation also concerned with how we are able to create pathways for underprepared students
  •  Dialogue has been moved away from JBAC and is now taking place at CIA. 
  • Dialogue happening at OUS regarding placement standards
  • Question: who is our CCWD rep 

 For fall- OWEAC mission, role, voice


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