Notes from guest presentation by Rudy Crew, Oregon Chief Education Officer

Dr. Rudy Crew spoke at the Chemeketa Community College fall kickoff on 9/10/12. These are the notes I took during his presentation.

 Dr. Crew’s task = education reform in Oregon

  • Sees creating a reform package as a unique opportunity for Oregon (doesn’t see this happening in other states)
  • The question “how do I make sense of my life as a student” needs to become a permanent part of the educational conversation
  • Regarding the education of oneself…education is fundamentally about how you come to know yourself and understand yourself in the world (from his conversation with his son)

 Three areas that need to address education reform

  1. Student’s personal responsibility (“Educate yourself!”)
    • Understand that you are entitled to have these experiences and do this work
    • Suspend your disbelief in yourself
    • What matters is that you put yourself into it and risk it
    • Entre into the feeling of being college eligible- and the importance of any experience that gives the student this feeling (e.g., Boys and Girls club on campus as an introduction to being comfortable on campus)

 2. Institutional responsibility

  • Steps to matriculate
  • Build and expand the number of “steps” or things we are doing to bring students along
  • Go out and recruit the 6th-10th graders (uses the analogy of recruiting an athlete…we should be recruiting intellectuals)
  • Institutions need to be able to answer the questions “what would you do with more money” and “what will happen as a result of what you do with the money” (specifically, how many more students will have access to college, will graduate, find employment…etc.)

 3. Parents responsibility

  • Parents are consumers asking for access in response to dreams and aspirations
  • Schools need to be  “dream solution institutions”
  • Example of the mother who wants her child in the “BP program”…actually the “IB” program but she didn’t know the acronym…the point being that she has dreams and aspiration for her child, whether or not she has insider vocabulary or information  

Closing comments

  • We need to teach civics and what it means to be a member of a community
  • Education needs to help the student develop “a moral compass that enables one to use a degree and education to make the world a better place”
  • Students need confidence to succeed and “confidence is an emotion and it has to do with how you take in information”…”so the successful person you see next to you, you need to be able to see yourself in those leaders”
  • Students need to have and believe in the “picture of the possible”

 3 things (for higher ed to work on):

  1. Student achievement
  2. Access with completion
  3. Opportunities to continue leading around student success

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