OLA Mentors Needed

Here’s a message from Meredith I’m reposting from the libs-or listserv.
Please consider being a mentor!

Meredith wrote: OLA plans to open up the mentee application next week and, while we will accept mentor volunteers throughout the year, it would be great to have a good-sized pool for this initial pilot as demand for mentors will almost certainly exceed supply. We need your help. Thanks for considering! Meredith

Dear colleagues,

Mentoring is one of the most rewarding activities you can undertake in your professional life. Through mentoring, you capitalize on your hard-earned experience and knowledge in order to support the development and success of an early-career librarian. Mentoring does not have to be time-consuming (the OLA program recommends five meetings over the course of a year) or require travel (you can communicate via phone, email, or web conferencing in addition to in-person), but the small amount of time you give to another librarian can mean the world to his or her success and the success of his or her library.

OLA is excited to support this new pilot statewide mentoring program, but the program will only be successful if mid-to-late career librarians choose to participate. If you have five years of professional experience and are an OLA member, please consider volunteering your time for one year (or nine months if preferred) to support an early-career librarian and strengthen the library in which he or she works. Click here to become an OLA Mentor.<http://ola.memberclicks.net/message/urlRedir?id=76979&recip=ad447319-1636-41c4-9ab9-7822a33e945e>

Additional links:

– Information about the mentoring program and its requirements<http://www.olaweb.org/mentor-program>

– Guidelines and best practices for being a mentor<http://www.olaweb.org/mentoring-guidelines>

Have questions? Contact us at mentor@olaweb.org Meredith Farkas, Portland State University Library Shirley Sullivan, Beaverton City Library Emily Papagni, Multnomah County Library

For the OLA Membership Committee
Meredith Gorran Farkas
Assistant Professor
Head of Instructional Services
Portland State University Library


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