Info Lit History

Info Lit Events

A short history of events related to undergraduate information literacy in Oregon

When academic librarians saw an opportunity to embed Information Literacy proficiencies in the Oregon Transfer Module, a shared vision of statewide information literacy began taking shape. Events in this initiative include:

(2008 Winter) ILAGO begins working with CIA IL Taskforce Projects include putting the IL Proficiencies into Outcome format (see sample) and proposing models for embedding IL across the curriculum (CIA Taskforce and ILAGO share the understanding that IL cannot be covered in one writing class or even one writing series).

(2008 Winter) Formation of ILAGO (Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon)

(2008 Fall) CIA forms an Information Literacy Taskforce to look at process for accomplishing JBAC AAOT IL recommendation.

(2008 Fall) Oregon Information Literacy Summit, November 21 (notes).

(2008 Fall) ACRL OR/WA Conference, Menucha, October 23-24 (notes from the info lit exchange Thurs. night).

(2008 Fall) OWEAC Meeting, Central Oregon Community College, October 10, 2008.

 (2008 Spring) OLA/WLA Conference Showcase  ” Undergraduate Information Literacy: Sharing Students, Sharing Standards,” April 16-18, 2008.

Academic Librarians from Oregon and Washington collaborate on a showcase presentation intended to bring others into the conversation surrounding statewide information literacy standards.

(2008 Spring) OWEAC Meeting, Klamath Falls, OR, May 16, 2008.

(2008 Spring) Information Literacy Group of Greater Portland completes addition of explanatory examples to complement the IL proficiencies that came out of the fall Summit, April 10, 2008.

The IL Group of Greater Portland includes librarians from Portland State University, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland Community College and Chemeketa Community College. Librarians from these institutions worked together to create explanatory examples for each of the statewide IL proficiencies. Agreement and definition of IL standards will help librarians who serve students swirling among these academic partner schools.

(2008 Winter) OWEAC meeting at Linn Benton Community College, February 8, 2008.

The OWEAC meeting at Linn-Benton was excellent! I appreciated the chance to touch base with our writing instructor colleagues across the state. We discussed many of the dynamic factors impacting writing and information literacy instruction in Oregon. Revisions to the general education outcomes, changes to the AAOT, 4-credit conversions, and the information literacy recommendation make this a wonderful time to create partnerships and strengthen collaboration between librarians and writing faculty. If you get a chance to attend a future OWEAC meeting, I highly recommend it! (Read more of Michele’s notes from the OWEAC meeting)

(2007) Oregon Information Literacy Summit hosted by Oregon State University, fall 2007.

Oregon Humanities faculty (especially writing faculty), Information Technologists, and Instruction Librarians from 2 and 4-year institutions spent the day sharing ideas and discussing our students’ common needs in the area of Information Literacy. The day began with review and revision of 7 proposed IL proficiencies.

(2007 Fall/Winter) Finalized draft of Statewide Information Literacy Proficiencies.

Proficiencies started at the Oregon Literacy Summit at OSU were finalized in time to share at the Winter OWEAC meeting.

(2006) The Joint Boards Articulation Commission (JBAC) began revising the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM).

When JBAC began revision of the OTM, academic librarians saw an opportunity to embed Information Literacy in the statewide undergraduate proficiencies. The IL outcomes would probably be embedded in the writing curriculum sequence, but having statewide proficiencies has many other positive implications for Oregon college and university libraries and their communities.

(2006) The Information Literacy Summit hosted by Oregon State University, fall 2006.

OSU pulled together dual enrollment and transfer partners at community college institutions for a discussion about information literacy and articulation agreements.

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