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Swarm and destroy

Came across this site today- love it! Moped Army . My family is experiencing a small swarming trend initiated by my young spunky sister and her manly-man, but it involves Vespas and Flys. The difference between a moped and a scooter? A moped looks like something I could afford to buy and possibly afford to leave by the side of the road “if” (i.e., when) it breaks down (collective green gasp). But I digress. I really would like to find a better way to commute than the Subaru, and I too want to swarm and destroy! But could I really survive downtown Salem and Lancaster on one of these little scooters or mopeds? I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve already been hit 7 times in Salem traffic, 6 of those times I was stopped in traffic or waiting at a red light…so there’s a case for driving within a large steel frame. And of course driving the kids…

Speaking of green living (were we?), I’ll try to attend ACRL’s Free OnPoint Chat: Green Libraries (depends on our instruction schedule, we have classes that day). The chat is Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 10 a.m. Pacific and intent is to discuss and share ideas about green libraries and campuses.

Info from the listserv announcement

Mary Carr, Dean Instructional Services, Spokane Community College Dr.
Debra Rowe, President of the US Partnership for a Sustainable Future

From a library/librarians’ perspective, how are our library resources when it comes to sustainability?  Are we supporting the college’s curricular efforts?  What about the “greening” of the library and the campus?  Can we practice sustainability?  Can we promote it by speakers, presentations, etc.?  What can we do within our library associations, and other professional groups?

This OnPoint Chat session will engage colleagues in discussing the following questions:

1) The whats, whys and wherefores of sustainability?

2) What is happening on our campuses and in our communities regarding sustainability?

3) How can we support what is happening and how can we contribute to “moving the needle?

Suggested background readings:

*  Inside Higher Ed blog “getting to green”


*  Do Colleges Need Green Czars?” Inside HigherEd. April 15, 2008.


*  Greening your library blog http://greeningyourlibrary.wordpress.com/


A chat with Dr. Allen McKiel

Meet Dr. Allen McKiel , new Dean of Library and Media Services for Western Oregon University.  He’s in Oregon, he’s excited about instruction and electronic resources, and I really enjoyed chatting and getting to know him today.

Now on to my not-so-hidden agenda: we’ve got Allen in Oregon, how can we bend him to our evil state and regional information literacy purposes? It won’t be hard! Allen recently submitted an LSTA grant proposal to fund development of online library instruction tutorials for Orbis Cascade Alliance libraries. His vision is to create a pool of shared instructional resources similar to the CLIP tutorials (scroll down to see tutorial links) developed to support the inter-institutional Bachelor of Science of Organizational Leadership (BSOL). The resources will be standards based and address the information literacy proficiencies we agree on and teach to, but these resources will remain fluid and customizable for each institution.  To think about- will this resource be available to institutions outside the Alliance?

Want to hear more? I asked Dr. McKiel to consider sharing his ideas with Oregon and Washington colleagues at the 2008 ACRL OR/WA Conference at Menucha this fall. If he can’t attend in person, perhaps the new WOU instruction library can represent this vision. I believe the conference theme for Menucha this year is next generation catalogs, or something like that, so this conversation would probably take place as an on-the-side business meeting of some sort. How or if this meeting takes place will depend on various factors- status of the grant, conference schedule, accommodations…etc., but we’ve got the wheels turning! Any ideas that affect Alliance libraries make good conversation starters for OR and WA academic librarians, so I hope this works out. If not at Menucha, then certainly for the next Oregon IL Summit.

More about Dr. McKiel:

  • He was the Director of Libraries at Northeastern State University before coming to Oregon
  • Allen is active with ebrary on the advisory committee
  • Allen believes academic libraries will stop buying print materials in the next 3-5 years as patrons demand more electronic content and readers like Kindle and Android flood the market
  • Allen is the author of Beyond Tolerance: Religion and Global Community. In Beyond Tolerance, Allen identifies spiritual themes that are universally present despite differences in the way the belief manifests for individual teaching and practice. (my note- doesn’t this sound familiar? instructional tutorials that address universal information literacy themes, but remain customizable for individual ways of teaching and practice).

Welcome, Allen!