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Ah, the Old Dog and Pony Show

I saw a dog and pony show two weeks ago. Like I tell my daughter, yes, for reals. Live! Little energetic dogs scantily clad in sequined bikinis and feathers, riding ponies, climbing ladders and diving into the arms of a not-so-energetic woman scantily clad in sequined bikini and feathers…in short; the whole shebang.  And you know what? At the end of the daredevils and acrobats, tightrope walkers and motorcycles zipping around a steel cage, the dog and pony show was right up at the top of my favorite acts (since you asked…a clown who “accidentally” put soap in his gas tank (I think he did this on purpose) and a juggler who kept dropping stuff…for reals, I’ve never seen a juggler drop so many things and still attempt the flaming bowling pins…and the elephants…but I digress). My point, if I have one, is that today an instructor gushed that I was going to pull out the whole library dog and pony show- and she was sincere, and happy! And actually, I was happy too. It was just what her class needed, and she wasn’t coming up with it on her own, so she was pleased. Why? More on this later. I have to go help my daughter…for reals.