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“A Leader’s Journey” (student leadership nomination)

I’m looking at nominating Tiffany Cande and Samantha Feldman for Chemeketa Community College Student Leadership Recognition Awards (2007-2008). Concerned about homeless youth, they collected personal stories from young people who have lived on the street and struggled to get health care. Tiffany and Samantha planned to put these narratives into a pamphlet to distribute at the 2007 National Network for Youth symposium in Washington D.C.: A Place to Call Home.

Clearly Tiffany’s initiative and action in the interest of helping the homeless mark her as a leader. I also appreciate how her project addresses the NN4Y focus- giving homeless youth a voice. However, even without knowing about her work for homeless youth, I’m struck by the personal characteristics that make her charismatic with the potential to be a strong leader. I met Tiffany in the library and right away I found her engaging, willing to make eye contact and talk directly about her research and her personal connection to various social issues. She is straightforward, not afraid to take a risk, and perhaps most importantly, not afraid to enter into action (it is like she read the get involved info and said Can Do!). Tiffany is absolutely not apathetic. Her work for A Place to Call Home is a great example of a service learning project we would like to see all of our students enter into. What would I like to see? A better platform for showcasing her work. The Coalition for Homeless Youth myspace page has one  call-to-arms message and describes their work a bit, however there isn’t much content and it doesn’t adequately capture the importance and potential sophistication of their work. Moreover, it links to the personal pages, which is fun and social, but doesn’t promote their cause (it might if there were more friends, but with only a few it is pretty easy to track the coalition member to her respective social page).

I look forward to meeting Samatha