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“I eat art for breakfast”

You guessed it, I’m working a Saturday shift at the WOU reference desk. So let me begin by revealing WOU’s dirty laundry: inappropriate refrigerator magnet poetry in the staff lounge! Yes, you heard it here first. Why is it inappropriate? Because someone keeps rearranging my really cool fridge poems and replacing them with drivel. “I want to make hard love to your outdoor grill”? really? you couldn’t come up with anything better than outdoor grill? Even ‘grocery service’ would have been better. “I eat art for breakfast” is still up, as is most of my sun picture, but someone destroyed the landscape design I made near the fridge/freezer split and I get the sense that WOU library staff barely care about magnet poetry anymore- and guess what people, it shows! Yeah, my sun is still there, but some of the words have been rearranged and that tells me that you never really got it