Info Lit Links


ILAGO (Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon) 

Greater Portland Area Information Literacy Proficiencies with Examples

IL Poster with CC license
IL Poster word version
IL Poster PDF version

Information Literacy: The Role of the Library in Ensuring Student Success
Inter-Institutional Committee of Chief Librarians

Collaborative Information Literacy Efforts at Washington State
Higher Education Institutions: a Brief Summary

PSU Information Literacy Resources

Joint Boards Articulation Commission (JBAC)

Feedback JBAC Received on the AA/OT Degree (Jan 2008)

Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree Guidelines. Recommended revisions by JBAC on April 29, 2008. For Joint Boards of Education Adoption on May 2, 2008.

Oregon Transfer Module Guidelines. Adopted by Joint Boards of Education February 3. 2005. Recommended Revisions by CIA as of November 2, 2007.

ACRL: Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices

ANTS: Animated Tutorial Sharing Project

Information Literacy Land Of Confusion Blog

Information Literacy Wiki–Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Library Instruction Wiki—Sharing Resources

Loex Clearing House for Library Instruction

PRIMO: Peer Reviewed Instructional Materials Online

Oregon IL Proficiencies with explanatory examples from the Information Literacy Articulation Group of Greater Portland


2007 Information Literacy Retreat at Chemeketa Community College

Oregon Information Literacy Summit at OSU (IL Proficiencies)

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