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Information Literacy Group of Greater Portland…

…at least I think that’s our name! And because there have been a few questions, here’s who we are and what we are working on.

The IL group of the Greater Portland Area was formed just before the Oregon IL 2007 Summit and includes librarians from Portland State University, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland Community College and Chemeketa Community College (with guest appearances by Clackamas Community College). Our purpose is to create a shared understanding of IL proficiencies and outcomes in order to establish consistency and better service for the students who swirl among our institutions. 

Anna Johnson (MHCC), Bob Schroeder (PSU), Victoria Scott (PCC) and I (Chemeketa CC) worked on proficiencies prior to the fall Summit and then worked after the Summit to draft explanatory examples to describe each of the statewide IL proficiencies. When we completed our descriptive examples, Anna (channelling her past life experience in graphic design) created a poster for use as a visual at the PAIL meeting (Portland Areas Information Literacy group?…I think? the acronym plot thickens). I handed out copies of the poster at the OWEAC meeting last week and it seemed to be well received. There were requests for electronic copies of the poster and you can access that in Word (formatting of text boxes is touchy) or PDF (with notes).

For related information on IL in Oregon, see Undergraduate Information Literacy: Sharing Students, Sharing Standards, a site I set up to support a showcase we did for the 2008 OLA/WLA Joint Conference. I’m in the process of repurposing that site, so expect changes.